Resume Tips To Enhance Your Resume

There is an art to resume writing and not everyone gets to master it.
While you may have years of extensive experience in a professional field, this in no way guaranties that you will be an excellent resume writer. Regardless of your employment experience, poor writing skills will certainly undermine your chance of interviewing and obtaining that dream job.

Before even picking up your pen, or sitting down at your computer to
start writing or revising that resume of yours, it is important that you
assemble and organize the following pertinent data:…

* Personal details (name, date of birth, address, and contact numbers) * Area’s of interest, hobbies, etc. * Details of your educational background andprofessional experience * Record of past job training, or seminars attended * Full contact details of references * Copy of existing resume (if applicable) * Title and description of the job that you are applying for *Company profilewhere you are applying

Provided below are tips to guide you in writing, or revising your resume:

1. Using the right format and tailoring your resume to your job
application will enable the employer to immediately spot important details
about you.

2. Always keep your resume updated. Maintaining personal records of your training, seminars attended, and any other pertinent data, will ensure that you won’t forget to include them in your resume.

3. Check your resume for errors in spelling, grammar, or syntax. Your
resume is your ticket to an interview. It is your first impression on the
employer, and you want to be sure it is a good one. A resume full of errors may give the employer the wrong impression about you.

4. Keeping it brief and simple is key. Use a one-page or a two-page
resume format. Many professionals strongly believe that a one-page resume will be most easily viewed by the employer. The reasoning is simple. Employers receive many resumes, and most prefer a shorter and simpler resume for easy job-applicant screening.

5. Make sure your resume is honest and complete. If you are a new
graduate with little job experience, don’t let that bother you. This is normal
and you can just opt to use the chronological resume format. The important thing is that your resume is factual. Aside from honesty being the right thing to do, remember that employers have the means of checking the details of your resume. So don’t take for granted that you won’t be detected! Dishonesty, on your resume, is the kiss of death.

6. Include references either as part of the resume, or as an addition to
the resume. Having the opportunity for people to vouch for your experience, and credibility will be of great value to you as an applicant. There are many employers who require the inclusion of references in your resume. If you do not want to incorporate them right away, at least be ready with your list of references should they be requested.

There are a number of factors that determine a well-written resume.
However, a good resume alone will not ensure your entry to your target company. It is just the initial step to be taken, and with luck will open the door to a job interview. The interview will provide you with a means to reveal your personality to the employer, and will provide the employer an opportunity to ask questions to check the validity of your resume.

Having submitted an honest resume, you will now be able to provide the
employer with details about yourself and your previous job experience in
accordance to what is written on your resume. In many cases, the resume may offer only limited information and will only provide an overview of your qualifications. If so, you must now be prepared to discuss extensively other details that are related to your resume.

The right resume tip can be worth it’s weight in gold. After all, your
resume may be your ticket to success!

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