Get that job you’ve always wanted with a great resume

If you’re looking for a job in this increasingly competitive job market your best chance of securing that job is via a great resume. Remember that a number of jobs are being outsourced so the remaining choice jobs are even harder to come by. The more you can convince an employer that you are the perfect candidate for the position the easier it will be for you to land the job of your dreams…

The first thing you might ask is: “What is a resume?” A resume is a document that informs your potential employer of your experiences, and accomplishments in the best possible light. It also lets your potential employer know what it is you are looking for and what your expectations are as well. It can also state any personal attributes that may impact in a positive manner on your job performance. Examples of this would be an ability to work under stress, punctuality, ability to communicate well with others.

It helps to know in advance what your prospective employer is looking for in an employee. Some of the key qualities are a willingness to share information and ideas. Another is one’s ability to work within a team. Responsiveness to change is important in that it demonstrates a degree of flexibility in the work environment. It also demonstrates a willingness to take risks with new ideas and products.

The first item in your resume is the cover letter. This is the introduction to your personal resume and must be interesting enough to entice the potential employer to proceed further. First address the cover letter to a specific person in charge of resource management. The paper and fonts used should be basic and not distract from the content of the resume. Use the “KISS” principle by keeping your cover letter short and to the point. In your opening you should list why you are writing. Then in the next paragraph ask for the job you are interested in obtaining and explain why you are the best person for the job. Then thank the reader for their time and make sure you leave your phone number and/or e-mail address so that the employer may contact you if any questions arise.

In the resume itself you should list your job descriptions in a chronological order starting with the most recent job descriptions first and then moving backwards. List any technical knowledge first, in an organized manner. Use action verbs and portray yourself as a “go-getter”. Leave out unnecessary personal information. Be concise.

The most common mistakes to avoid are being too verbose. One page should suffice. Do not use fancy paper or fonts, they detract from the content of the resume. Outdated or useless information will also detract from the resume. The most common error of all is selling yourself short. Let the employer know how truly valuable you are.

With these tips you should be able to increase your chances of obtaining that job you want.

About the AuthorAlbert was born inNew   Orleans,La.At the age of 22 he attended LSU where he attained his doctor’s degree. He then joined the U.S. Navy as a staff officer and was able to see much of the world. It was during his stint with the navy that he discovered his passion for travel. Upon retirement, he decided to settle down in the Orient and enjoy life and all the wonders that the Orient had to offer.

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