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The Effective Resume

The resume is first impression employers have of a potential employee. One must be sure that their resume is well written, with the correct grammar. With the large number of applicants that apply, you will not have much time to make the best impression.  A bad resume can eliminate you right into the discard resume pile, before even having a chance to interview.

The resume gives the employer an almost complete history of who you are.  This should always start with pertinent information, with the person’s name, address, email address, and contact number.  This information is how the employer will contact you for an interview, so make sure it’s totally correct.

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Employers impression of your resume

Before an employer agrees to an interview, they need to be convinced that you are a great candidate for the position. This is where your resume is an essential marketing tool. It demonstrates to an employer your skills, experience and writing ability. Make sure your spelling and grammar are impeccable.

You should be creative, bold and humorous in your Cover Letter, but always be yourself. Nothing impresses an employer more than your knowledge of them or the company. Try and key in on something that will make your cover letter stand out; find some pertinent information about the company. Of course you only want to focus on the positive.

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Quick Resume Writing Tips: Evaluating Your Resume

Putting together a resume is not an easy feat, and many job seekers are so relieved to be done with this arduous task that they can’t wait to be done with it. Recall though, that your resume is a marketing tool and is the first impression an employer gets of you. A great resume will entice an employer to invite you in for a personal interview, while a fair to average resume will get pushed aside and ignored. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make your resume as strong as possible.

To help you in this task, review your resume against the following resume writing quick tips. These guidelines will help you evaluate your resume and identify those areas that may need more work….

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Get that job you’ve always wanted with a great resume

If you’re looking for a job in this increasingly competitive job market your best chance of securing that job is via a great resume. Remember that a number of jobs are being outsourced so the remaining choice jobs are even harder to come by. The more you can convince an employer that you are the perfect candidate for the position the easier it will be for you to land the job of your dreams…

The first thing you might ask is: “What is a resume?” A resume is a document that informs your potential employer of your experiences, and accomplishments in the best possible light. It also lets your potential employer know what it is you are looking for and what your expectations are as well. It can also state any personal attributes that may impact in a positive manner on your job performance. Examples of this would be an ability to work under stress, punctuality, ability to communicate well with others.

It helps to know in advance what your prospective employer is looking for in an employee. Some of the key qualities are a willingness to share information and ideas. Another is one’s ability to work within a team. Responsiveness to change is important in that it demonstrates a degree of flexibility in the work environment. It also demonstrates a willingness to take risks with new ideas and products.

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Resume Writing – 3 Tips for Success

Resume writing is possibly the biggest stumbling block for folks who are looking for a job. While it may seem simple, there are allot of subtle things that really matter. Potential employers are flooded with resumes in response to their job postings, and you only have a few short moments to make it or your resume will end up in the trash. So, how do you optimize your resume to make it likely to get read? Here are 3 great tips to get you started…

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8 Resume Editing Tips

It’s amazing what a well-written and nicely presented resume can do for your job search. Before you send yours out, follow this checklist to ensure you are sending out an excellent quality representation of yourself.

1. Grammar, spelling, punctuation – Use the grammar and spell check function, then print it out and read the document word for word. Spell checker doesn’t know that you meant “manager” when you actually typed “manger.”

2. Capitalization – Use a manual such as the Gregg Reference Manual if you do not know capitalization rules…

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Executive Job Search : Does Your Resume Describe The Real You

As President of an executive search firm, I see resumes from highly qualified and able candidates every day. And it only takes a glance to see why many of these experienced executives are not getting the interviews that, doubtless, they feel they deserve.

The reason ? Many of these resumes look and feel the same. Same dry format. Same qualifications and similar backgrounds. Same laundry list of previous achievements. Nothing at all to set one resume apart from the next…

To be perceived as a top of the line, A-list candidate, your resume MUST be memorable. It must be impactful. It must sell you to potential employers. A list of what you did last year or the year before just won’t cut it. Employers want to know what you are going to do in the future – for them. Here’s some tips to ensure that your resume doesn’t end up in the ‘also-rans’ pile.

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Tips For Interviews And Resumes

A good resume is the tool that can get you an invitation to the interview for your dream job. If writing a good resume is part of your preparation for the job hunt, performing at the interview is an even greater part. Here are a few tips on how to write a good resume and ace interviews.


Select A Format

A critical part of writing good resume is using the right format. Without the proper format, your resume will look like a PhD dissertation that will instantly bore the interviewer. A scattered and cluttered appearance will send the wrong signals about you. One suggestion is to use tables with light grey background for headings and to use bold font for subheadings. Details under the subheadings can be on white background and can be laid out in columns or bullets, if appropriate. You should always start with your name and contact details first. Don’t forget your email address. You want the person reviewing your resume to know that you at least have an email address! This sends the signal that you are tech-savvy.

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Resume Writing

This September I spent two days doing Resume Assessment at The National Job Fair and Training Expo in Toronto. 400 Job Seekers received free resume assessments from nine Resume Writers. There was a 2-3 hour wait for this service that was available from 10 am – 8 pm. Since a resume is critical to our employment success, waiting a few hours for professional advice wasn’t a big deal to most people.

Although no one gets hired solely on the basis of a resume, many job seekers miss the opportunity of an interview because of an inadequate resume. Your resume can (and should) have a distinct personality to it. It should separate you from all the people applying to land that dream job. Be unique!…

A lot of people think a generalized resume describing everything they have ever done is a great way to show their experience and skills. This is not true. You should only include information that is useful to the job you are applying for. If you are applying for a variety of positions, write more than one resume. To make this process easier start with a general resume, and use it as a template by cutting and pasting the most relevant information for the different positions.

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Resume Tips To Enhance Your Resume

There is an art to resume writing and not everyone gets to master it.
While you may have years of extensive experience in a professional field, this in no way guaranties that you will be an excellent resume writer. Regardless of your employment experience, poor writing skills will certainly undermine your chance of interviewing and obtaining that dream job.

Before even picking up your pen, or sitting down at your computer to
start writing or revising that resume of yours, it is important that you
assemble and organize the following pertinent data:…

* Personal details (name, date of birth, address, and contact numbers) * Area’s of interest, hobbies, etc. * Details of your educational background andprofessional experience * Record of past job training, or seminars attended * Full contact details of references * Copy of existing resume (if applicable) * Title and description of the job that you are applying for *Company profilewhere you are applying

Provided below are tips to guide you in writing, or revising your resume:

1. Using the right format and tailoring your resume to your job
application will enable the employer to immediately spot important details
about you.

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